Choose Your Gecko

The Galactic Geckos attributes are composed of seven (7) trait types: Faction, Body, Armor, Mouth, Helmet, Eyes and Ears. The traits have five (5) levels of rarity: Ultra, Mythic, Rare, Uncommon and Common. You can view the traits in the GGSG Armory.

The Galactic Gecko Space Garage collection has its own ranking system, which can be explored with the GGSG Rarity Tool located at GGSG Rarity Tool.

Rarity does not have any extra utility at this time.

At the time of writing, each Gecko is functionally equal to all other geckos within the collection. However, within the community and Discord, roles and special channels can only be accessed by holding certain geckos with certain features. For instance, admittance to The Neon Citadel is only granted to holders of Neon skin geckos. There are roles for holders of Augmented Mouth, Ghostly White, Spectral Black, etc., as well as roles denoting the size of your Gecko collection.

For those who can do so, it is greatly encouraged to accumulate a Full Faction set: One gecko from each of the four factions. In the past, there were airdrops and other rewards for such holders; in the future, there are likely to be benefits as well.

Certain attributes and traits can carry a premium because they are deemed more desirable by the community. For example, the Geckos with only four (4) attributes are prized for their clean look, and often command a higher price than their official ranking would normally. Other examples are those Geckos with Budding Coral helmet trait, or the Funky Shades eye trait. The list goes on. There are many subsets of trait “maxis”, or those who collect Geckos based on favorite traits.

You can visit a number of NFT marketplaces to explore Geckos that have been listed for sale. You can search by price, and filter by traits and attributes. Here are some of the marketplaces where you can find Galactic Geckos: Tensor, Magic Eden, and Hyperspace.

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