Enjoy Your Gecko

A large category of NFTs are known as PFPs, or Profile Pictures, referring to their use as online avatars on Twitter, Discord, and other sites where users may prefer anonymity.

Their use-case is primarily derived from identity, showing other users of the platform that a PFP's owner is a member of a certain larger Web3 community. Many traders and collectors may own many different PFP projects; some choose to keep their PFP static, representing their personal brand and/or the community with which they most identify, while others rotate in and out and rely more on their handle for identity.

The Galactic Gecko Space Garage is referred to as a PFP project, and using it on social media displays your fine taste in art, community, or space lizards, among other considerations.

The Galactic Geckos are a community run project since The Gecko DAO took control of the project on 2/22/22, with all paperwork and assets finally transferred roughly one month later.

We like to think of the Garage as a homebase on Discord for Web3 explorers, where we can all gather to safely debate and seek opinions on the myriad issues that led to our involvement in crypto.

Popular topical discussions are held in our Discord server channels, from crypto/equities trading to mental health to NFTs, and everything in between. General chat is our town square, to greet and generally interact with our community of holders.

As a community-run project with more than 50 DAO Builders — members of the community who lend their time and talents to making our project better day after day — we value transparency above all, and believe that our weekly Town Halls provide the best opportunity to keep the community updated on the week's progress, allowing members to comment, ask questions, and make suggestions.

These Town Halls are also recorded for posterity, so even if you cannot make every one, you can still stay up-to-date on the happenings in The Gecko DAO.

As social media has allowed us to expand our social circles to niche interests across the globe, NFTs and Web3 communities rely heavily on these platforms and take pride in representing well for their chosen PFP. With thousands of projects launching per week, it's easy to get lost in the noise.

We — as a community — take pride in supporting our fellow members publicly, and like to show off the art that brought us all together by posting Geckos whenever we get the chance.

If you're trying to grow your personal brand, there are nearly 4,000 Gecko holders who could help get you there.

Our lore is the backstory and the narrative that helps propel the Geckos forward. It is the why and the how of where our Geckos are today and where we are going.

Working closely with our strategy team, the lore team crafts an engaging tale for our four factions and the mysterious fifth faction, as well as other assets such as Enigma Crystals and Concordians. These weekly drops add an air of mystery and also open our brand up for future creative partnerships.

On occasion, we host and partner with other communities to hold events where your Gecko is your all-access pass. It is a great way to connect with your community on a deeper, more personal level, as well as gaining access to events for networking and fun.

Recent events include NFT NYC and several satellite events; and also an art auction in Venice Beach, CA with a collaboration between the Geckos' own Gossip Goblin and @SCUM, best-known for his work on the DeadGods and Y00Ts.

When new NFT projects launch, it has become standard practice to invite, or whitelist, other NFT communities by allowing them time to mint before any remaining supply goes out to the public market.

The Gecko DAO has several “Alpha Hunters” who are in charge of tracking down new and interesting opportunities, reaching out to the appropriate collab managers for those projects, and securing whitelist spots for Gecko holders. While currently these spots are primarily raffled off to holders, future WL spots may be a use case for $CRED, our holder rewards program.

The Gecko DAO is chock full of traders, investors, and technical analysts, some with very large audiences and followings on CT (Crypto Twitter). You'll find lively discussion of overall market trends, asset performance across all financial markets, and chart analysis from many such Gecko holders.

Everyone holding Geckos have access and can participate, offer opinions, or simply ask questions in a free and non-judgmental forum. We're all here to teach, learn, and profit together.

Are you less into coins and equity markets, and prefer the full-time degen lifestyle? Many are, and with new projects popping up daily, there is plenty to discuss in our NFT Alpha channel within the Garage.

You'll find more fundamental analysis here, with discussions on the art, hype/social media presence, and floor price of new and established projects on SOL, as well as other blockchains such as ETH, XTZ, and NEAR.