Meet The Gecko DAO

Our goal is to be an invaluable home base for web3 explorers, by guiding, inspiring, and empowering the community.

The cumulative number of DAO “Builders”, as we refer to them, includes more than 50 active members of the above Committees, the Committee leads, and the Council members.It is a testament to the dedication and talents available when your holder base is in excess of 3,200+ members in a 10k NFT collection.

It cannot be understated, either, that the events leading up to the buyout and the creation of the Gecko DAO forged a bond amongst members who will forever remain dedicated to the Geckos' success.

Geckos were among, if not the, first community buyout of a large, once-successful project in the Solana NFT space. We have already seen other communities take steps toward similar measures, and we see ourselves as a potentially unmatched resource in the greater Solana community to advise other projects should they request our advice.

  • Strategy: helps shape overall strategy and direction of the project; anything from holder rewards to day-to-day operations are discussed by the Strategy team and Council members.
  • Art/Creative: leads any initiatives revolving around art (banners, wallpapers, etc.) and merchandising efforts.
  • Marketing: works in tandem with Strategy and Council to create content for social media and internal messaging around events, partnerships, day-to-day comms, etc.
  • Community Management: builds community engagement through focused involvement with the community, whether for game nights or events, and facilitates whitelist giveaways and other holder rewards.
  • Legal/Governance: ensures that we remain compliant with current regulatory frameworks within the crypto industry and any regulations that may arise in the future.
  • Technology: leads project development from the tech side, such as website build-outs, maintaining databases, front and back-end UX/UI, etc.

The Galactic Gecko Space Garage is a community-run and -funded project. While this was not always the case, the DAO assumed ownership of the IP and associated properties and accounts of the Galactic Gecko Space Garage in late February, 2022, after months of negotiation with the founders of the project. As such, those original founders are no longer involved in any way with direction, scope, nature, or any other aspect of the project itself.

Unfortunately for the DAO, the original mint proceeds and the project's record-setting trading volumes were squandered by the original team and not reinvested into the project. Since taking over ownership, the DAO has since operated off of a 70/30 trading royalty split — with the DAO receiving 70% and the founding team 30% — as part of the buyout agreement (which sunsets in February 2023).

The remainder of funding has come from community member donations of both considerable time and money. While there are several initiatives for bringing in external revenue and/or capital, in various stages of completion, community contribution is our leading asset.

Currently, artist royalties are set at 7.5% of the seller's asking price on major marketplaces. The DAO reserves the right to change the royalty percentage at any time (in either direction) to properly fund the further development of the project and promote healthy price discovery.

The DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is not a “DAO” in the strictest of senses: We have chosen to operate based on a hybrid DAO model instead.

Led by a chosen Council and various Committees and Committee Leads, we feel this model best combines the leadership needed for goal-oriented progress and focused project direction, while allowing maximum participation and engagement from the community at large.

Council members and Committee Leads have considerable entrepreneurial experience IRL and believe that structure helps deliver better overall results for the community and the project as a whole.

Any and all Gecko holders are allowed and encouraged to join any committee or run for a seat on the Council. Should you wish to join a committee, head to the #lobby channel under “Committees” in the Discord and let us know how you can help!

Council Members
The current Council members are as follows:

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